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Puppy Culture - What's it all about?

Puppy Culture is a process that we follow whilst rearing our puppies

The link above takes you direct to the puppy culture page and all the information including the links to purchase the extremely educational and informative DVDs.

Puppy culture (The first 12 weeks) leads the viewer to information about care and development of the neonate through to 12 weeks of age with processed and protocols to help raise a puppy with strength of immune system, confidence, curiosity, problem solving and emotional resilience.

Starting with Early Neurological Stimulation as shown in the link below.

The programe gives guidelines for Emotional resilience exercises, safe early socialization, introduction of new stimuli engaging the enrichment effect, and anti aggression protocols.

We implement these protocols in accordance with how each litter is progressing. Litters may progress at slightly different rates and need different processes at different times. At all times the litters health and wellbeing come first and none these processes are implemented if the litter or dam are not doing well, relaxed and progressing physically as they should be.